Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage, it is marriage

Love marriage or arrange marriage? A very complicated question. I must tell you before writing this article is that, I am a boy of 20 and in deep love with a girl as many other boys in this planet and I am going to write whatever I feel right in my opinion. Whether in love marriage or arrange marriage the main difference is in love marriage we love the person by our choice and in arrange marriage we have to accept the person as he/she is.

In Love marriage the couple already knows each other better, they know the likes and dislikes, mentality, understanding and views of each other, and they are much passionate and caring to their partners and feel like having beautiful moments of their life. In love marriage we do everything by our choice. Sometime couple find things are same as before feel boring after few years of marriage, its not a great deal, the deal is how we will make our marriage life interesting like as always.

Arranged marriage is the choice of our parents, where we do not need to spend our esteemed time to find our life partners. In arranged marriage couples are totally unknown to each other, they don’t know what are the likes and dislikes, what is the mentality and views of life of their life partners and couple are totally surprise for each other. We expect that our life partners would be like something and we get like something else, it is depend upon fortune. As they are not open so it may takes months and years to know each other completely. Sometime we do the things as a compulsion. Everything seems new and couple find it interesting. People in love marriage generally don’t get much time for romance from their daily work.
I think arranged marriage will too be like love marriage, if parents allow their children to spend some moments with their arranged husband/wife for them. They will come to know each other better, their shyness will decrease and hence they will be frank and open minded to each other, because they are going to start a new life and hence it is necessary to know each other as much as possible, then it will too look like a love marriage.

Divorce is the greatest decision of a married life where a life divides into two different life. As usually some situation comes when  people feel frustrate of feel unhappy in married life and it lead to divorces but I feel it is a silly idea. Of course everyone have the right to live their own way of life and happiness but, why don’t we give a one more try to bring back the happiness just by compromising and understanding the things for which the situation of divorce has been raised.
According to record people says that divorce rate in love marriage is more than arranged marriage, I have a one strong reason for the cause of divorces in these cases,  I know as people use to do the things in their love life  they can’t do those things in their married life, things changes from love life to a married life and when they don’t get they feel frustration, depression and blah blah which lead to the feelings for divorce. As I think it is stupidity, you know each other better you know what he/she likes and dislikes, then a little understanding and cooperation from both will fix the situation. Isn’t it? There are much more causes of divorces such as extra marital affairs, finance, lack of attractions and much more but I feel these reasons are beyond the humanity.
Marriage? Now I will not say that Arranged marriage is much better than love marriage and vice versa, because everyone have their choice of their life to choose their life partner or being choose for life partner, but it share a common destination, that is, “marriage”. Marriage is a life long humanity bond where husband and wife live together till end of their lives. “Marriage” the word is easy to pronounce and easy to get married but it has much more depth of responsibilities till the last day of life. Whether in love marriage or arranged marriage, it required mutual understanding, cooperation between wife and husband, faithful, helpful, care taking to each other. And it needs a lots of sacrifices for happiness of the soul mate. Also a lots of compromising, tones of understanding to handle many uneven situation of life and to lead a happy married life.

Some points I have in my mind right now, these things are required whether in love marriage or arranged marriage, these are….

  • To be a diplomatic thinking regarding the happiness of each other, Don’t only think about your happiness, your need and your enjoyment, because in the way you are being happy or fulfilling the needs may hurt your partner.

  • Be faithful to your wife/husband, if you have any problem regarding anything be open to share with him/her, because your husband/wife is the best friend that you ever got in your life.
  • Again that line, things changes from love life and married life, then there is needed of mutual understanding rather than creating dispute and fighting like fools.

I wrote these lines as much as possible of my understanding, and I hope it will help the people a little bit who are in need of such suggestion. 

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