Thursday, May 10, 2012

My birthday

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My this post is for thanks giving from the core of my heart who have make my birthday so special yesterday. Thanks to Mom and Dad for bringing me into this beautyful world, what and whatever I am its because of you, I can ever fill the worth you have done for me. I love you momma and Daddy and Happy birthday to mom also because this was the day when you became mother after giving birth to me Muumm! 

Thanks to My Dola for making my birthday more cheerful. A special thanks to rakhi di for calling from far apart from cape town to wish me all the way, thanks to Lata, sangita di, jayanti, meghnath, anamika, namrata for the best wishes.

I came into this world on this day twenty years ago , sometime I think birthday seems like I am loosing one more year from my life isn't it? I don't ever imagine how I have passed this twenty years of my life, whatever but I have enjoyed my  life and much happy with it. I wish I shall always smile like now. 
I dont't know where my life will take me on, what is my future, but everyday every morning gives me a new hope to live, gives me an inner desire to do something , 

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