Monday, March 12, 2012

First love letter

Hey everbody!! how did you wrote your 1st love letter??  Man! I was in trouble today. 
You know what, my love story is little bit strange, We were friends from very long , but I did not know when our friendship has turned into love. our love completed more than two years and our friendship completed more than seven years. we never had proposed each other, not even wrote a letter, 

Today she asked me to complete her one small wish.
I asked what is the wish dola?
she told, "you fool! you never had proposed me, my wish is to propose me through a letter" 

Oh! dammn! I was in big trouble today, I had not ever wrote any official letter, and directly got the job to write love letter, proposing anyone is such a big deal for me, :( 

I was thinking, is she silly? after two years of our love why she is asking me to propose her??

confusion! confusion! confusion! what to write? how to write? what is the format of love letter? blah blah blah was coming in my mind.

I wrote somehow , I don't know she will be happy after reading or not, my poor english . lack of  romantic words, I know you will feel it is a stupid post, but............... hmmm


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