Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Ahhmmm feeling like some burden has removed over my had after giving four exams,, and finally tomorrow we have the last exam, its of Informatics practices , after this exam i will be free bird for few days, till the result is not declared.... i hope i can challange 99% that i will pass this final exam... aww aww i am waiting to meet my cutie pie , we have not seen each other from last 3 months,,, yupppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

LETS PLAY HOLI yuppppii!!

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ahhh when festival comes in exam time we cant fully enjoy the festival nor we concentrate properly on exam , it really sucks :) tomorrow we have exam of Bst. :( 
 well holi is the most religious & ancient festival of India.....yesterday we did holika dahan (bonefires) we had lots of fun last night there, the woods were little bit raw so it was not burning , so we everyone brought burnable  material such as dried leaves, dried bushes, old cloths  by wandering here and there, he he it was really crazy lolzz :) 
aahahh ha today the color's day :) :) from morning escaped from everyone but atlast at noon my classmates caught me and completely changed the  colour of my face into green and black colour (looking like kalmooha :) :) ) but you know what after almost 3 years i played holi and felt so so so good :) you can see the condition of my face on the pictures :) its crazy , dont worry the day is not over yet , let see whats gonna happen more to my face..

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Monday, March 7, 2011


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sleeping bug! 
Two more days are left to begin our final examinations, and i am just counting the days, i am getting more worried as the days are coming near and near , it seems like the fear of examinations is more than the fear to die. :)
after two years i am giving final exams, so this exams are so special to me, otherwise this will be the end of my career or deadline of my career
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Saturday, March 5, 2011


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How did i pass these 3 months of this year i am not getting it, and its now  this session 2010-2011 is gonna be end..
well guys! now its exam time! and oh! God! i am feeling like a huge burden over my head.!
so getting some new and new tricks to create cheat papers, but the main problem is that, where to hide the cheat papers?

shall i roll the cheat along with the refill of pen and hide inside it?
or will i hide the cheat-paper under the collar of shirt ? :) :)

oh no! i have an amazing idea! i think i would hide that inside the inner, :) no one will dare to search there :)

God help me!
I have a lots of dreams for life along with these exams
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