Friday, October 27, 2017

The Kolkata Diaries


Sorry, I have not written for a while, as I was very busy to regulate myself with the changing phase of my life. I was so busy that I was not so active on the social media and maybe I was slightly depressed because every day there is something different which seems to be new for me, somewhere it is challenging and disheartening too.  Even I have received many questions from my friends and subscribers that did I stop writing?

No, I did not, I often write my diary when I don’t have anyone to share, I have begun this blog since I was in class 10 and it is my one of the favorite hobby.  Over the past few months since I left college and got a job and I rarely found time for myself and this blog.

After completion of college I have got the first job in Kolkata, thank you, God, Kolkata is not that far from my hometown that’s why I did not need to move in that city. I was completely unknown to this city and I was little worried because I was not so aware of their systems. Believe me, I was born in West Bengal but I don’t know much about my state but I honestly know much more about other states where I had stayed because of dad’s transferable job in Defense.  But thanks to my colleagues they have made this city more than known to me.If I call them my colleagues I would disrespect them, indeed they are the part of my new world and much more to go ahead with them. 

the world of my happiness

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Journals #3

Sneak Peak

Its about after two months I am logging into the blogging and its being tough for me to write day by day the practice is getting away from me. I was trapped in the middle of training, job and college. I went through a very busy and disturbing schedule in the last two months.  Meanwhile while I was away from my blog I had a though to quit the blogging but my heart could not take this decision . It’s the blogging and my blogs which has given me a lots of things which I was dreaming from years, I meet some prestigious people, I made some great blogger friends and great inspirational readers , so I want to get back in this platform and I will continue do and write whatever comes in my mind.

Well I have not said anything about my college and my new life and so this blog post is all about my new life and the amazing people whom I have in my life right now. Its been one year since my life was changed after I got admission in post-graduation. I am such type of person who doesn’t want to talk too much .When I was new to them I use to look at them strangely , I didn’t knew where they are from, but later as the days are going to end these people are being so close and important to me. We are having lots of fun in fact we are creating some good memories which we will rejoice in our entire life.  Its the final year and I am afraid that after in a couple of months this is all going to be end. No more gossips , fun, hangouts and no more silliness .

A couple of days ago I have been doing an internship with LAW & ENFORCEMENT firm on cyber forensics , my life was organized like I had to wake up daily at 6 am, board in the train by 8 AM and reach the office before 10 AM. For complete three months I had followed this routine and spent my entire day from 10 to 5 in office , it was all organized but at the end of day I missed a part of my life and that was the college and the friends .I was feeling like I am missing the fun and charm from my life. Apart from this I got some real experience under the belt about the difference between corporate and social life. Life is unpredictable and has lots of unwanted twists but before heading ahead in life all I want to spend my college life in with these people in such way so that I will remember these days in my entire life.

killing boredom

end of first year

friendship is beauty

someone please give them a stick! :P

looks good

learn how to kick


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Sunday, August 7, 2016

If I could write my own Life


boy on bench, sad boy on bench, life quote

Fortunately right now I am 24 so that means I already have lived 40% of my life. Luckily I am among those people who have access to food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter over my head. I am really happy with what I have, I have everything that a person needed to survive. Things went bad and sometime it was worse than I had thought , but I never blame anyone for anything. Its my deed that resulted what I am today. Our pasts reflect our present and our present reflects what will be our future.

There were situations in my life when I wanted to quit myself but did not had that courage to kill myself. I mourned “Please someone kill me”.  After so many tragic I realized that it is the journey of my life , its all depend upon me what I do how I do and that how life will response towards me. As  I said I have already live 40% of my life and I may die a natural death instead of killing myself .Life is too short to think but before I die I want change something in my life, I want to make the part of my remaining life better. I am at this stage of life where I have kicked away my own happiness from me.  I don’t have any regrets in my life though nothing is going perfect around me . I take all the imperfection as a lesson of weakness which I can take on the next chapter of my life to make a better tomorrow. Even in the worth stage of my life I will not blame that part either, I will not escape nor even tear it off my life, I will take those days as weakness in my struggling days and face those stage with full courage that I have.

But at the same time somewhere I think I could write my own life then there will be no imperfection, no pain, no regrets, and there will be only love , peace and happiness that what everyone dreams of.  Life  is full of twists and turns and we often don’t recognize what do we want what is our destination until we  reach there .All I want be my own guru and that I have within me, but still I look around to the world for approval, suggestions, permissions. This why I can’t find my ideal self and I don’t think nobody really knows how to live the life, and all we know the observation of our life and the life reflects how we observe it.

friends pic, deep life pic

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catch up on lost growth among the children

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Child growth and development refers to the physical, mental, emotional and social health for adequate growth and development. Some research has stated that first five years of children’s life is very important, this is the fundamental stage of children’s health where child’s feature health, growth and development are shaped. A healthy body resembles the child’s fitness which also states a child’s immunity to defend any disease in future. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body which express their happiness , boost up their learning tactics , and other extra circular activities.
It is often seen that children are left behind in the track of proper growth and development due to lack of balance diet and proper adequate nutrition.  We can often notice their growth when they are compared with other children and they are found either too thin bones, and underweight or too short in height. Sometimes a child looks fit from outside and become tough to understand that the child lacks behind proper  nutrition . But there are few signs with which you can identify them as given bellow

Delayed Speech: Delayed speech is related to deficiency of B12. Foods high in B12 are chicken, meat, fish, shellfish,  diary and eggs. But before giving supplements of B12 it is necessary to be tested for deficiency .

Obesity:  You would think that obesity is not related to malnutrition but in reality it is. When we eat foods that are not nutrients dense and our body are hungry, then it become starved for good nutrients that why we wont feel satisfied .

Frequent Cold and Flu : We usually get sick all the time but once we change our diets there is a change in our health. Kids who get sick usually after getting out and playing with different other kids it’s a sign of nutritional deficiency and low immune .

Dry skin/hair: It can be related with the deficiency of vitamins A,D,E, and K12.

This is the growth chart of children with which you can calculate the growth and development of your children. See here 

Horlicks Growth+ is a great food supplement from Horlicks. It is not a meal replacement but it is nourishment and can be taken as regular diet with milk or water. Horlicks Growth+ has been developed for children in the age group of 3 to 9 years. It can be given anytime during day but it will be much better if it Is given to your child between study and meals. As stated above Horlicks Growth+ is not the replacement of primary meals , it is an additional nutritional supplements packed with all essentials  vitamins , proteins, minerals , fibers, amino acids, growth nutrients and other ingredients which enhance the children’s growth and development naturally without causing them obese .

It is not only depends on what we feed our children, but their fitness also depends on cleanness, play up in open area and so on. We always can not keep our child in front of eyes while in preschool make them the habits of using hand sanitizer so that the germs in their hands will be killed. We also need to take proper care of what they wear , where they sleep,  what they use . Also let them play out in open rather than inside the walls . Playing in open is a better option for their physical fitness as well when they will meet different people and exchange words among them it will be beneficial for the child’s mental and emotional health.
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